Finally On Sale

After months of hard work, waiting, stress, hassle, it’s finally on sale! …in the middle of a pandemic and economic meltdown, a book about massively priced second hand watches. Just what people want while learning to eating dirt and wiping their asses with pine cones. That’s what you call perfect timing. If you have $85 burning a hole in your pocket, hit up Amazon or If not, carry on.


What sort of traffic is Talksub getting?

I’m liking this platform even though most of the posts don’t really ‘do anything’ for me. I’m wondering what sort of traffic Talksub is getting? And what the user demographic is like? Could we get a widget showing some measures?


How to find Social Media Marketing "Expert" help?

Does anyone know how to find someone to help build AND execute a SMM plan? Particularly, how do I vet them and their experience? Not knowing much about this field I wouldn't know an expert if I met one - let alone a good one.


Brave Rewards & How They Work

If you want to keep TalkSub ad-free, swap your Google Chrome web browser for Brave Browser. Reward the creator and help fund this platform!


Use the Brave Browser and leave John Choo a Tip!

It's Open Source and based on the Google Chrome engine. Use it to browse TalkSub and you leave them Tip!


I’m looking for watch bloggers

Can anyone introduce me to watch bloggers and influencers who might be interested in reviewing my upcoming book? I have merch and discount codes available as give aways, they can use for their own readers, followers, subscribers. I’m looking for collaborations and possible affiliate partnerships.