Here in the UK, the government scaremongered people into not going to hospitals. This will kill more than COVID-19.

At the end is a poem by me, “Rocky on the Steps of Leighton”. “See me run, a dye bug dripping ooze My arm inked with mahogany tattoos From Marthon to Athens once again So terrified to bother honest men Within my elbow, Hades rips and tears Though for the menders lack the basic wares My pitter-patter shall be met with stares Then as I gain the guts to walk ahead…  See More

I came off of Reddit today.

I’ve only been on Reddit about 18 months, or as long as I’ve forsaken Facebook for being toxic. I’ve seen the destruction of the site in real time. All of the other COVID subs have been astroturfed into oblivion by Chinese bots. If you share anything positive or optimistic about the pandemic, they ban your account now, and they recommend subs run by the bots. r/coronavirus, r/covid19 and r/preppers are now entirely filled with anti-Western doomer porn. Any subreddit caught being informative or practical in any way gets shut down. r/WuhanFlu, which they quaranti…  See More