Top 10 Voice API for Gamers

The multi-billion-dollar industry of gaming apps has become more realistic and technologically advanced in recent times. The increase in the level of interaction and engagement has resulted in a high-end gaming experience. This has further promoted the usage of inbuilt voice communication channels through which people play and interact, offering an enormous inflow of revenue. For example Gamers in PUBG prefer voice chat to communicate than to type messages on a keyboard, which can be very time-consuming. https://professional-blogger.medium.com/top-10-best-voice-c…  See More


How To Build A Successful Consultation App? [Complete Guide 2020]

MirrorFly, an enterprise chat solution with customizable in-app chat functionalities and communication mediums such as text, video and voice chat. The enterprise chat solution is armed customizable API and SDKs to integrate chat into your consultation apps and redefine the communication between the users and consultants.


A list of browsers and how I rate them.

A browser is an application used to temporarily download and render webpages. The most common are Chrome and Firefox. Browsers are sometimes confused with search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo…), which are used to find websites based on a word or phrase. I used to use Chrome, but there were a few issues with it that started to annoy me, so I started trying out other browsers. I’ve ended up compiling a list of a bunch of modern browsers. Here’s a list of how they compare. (Safari is not on this list because it’s only available for Mac.)…  See More


PlayJam's GameStick - The Other Failed Kickstarter Console | TE

The PlayJam GameStick is a failed microconsole that, aside from a marginally successful Kickstarter campaign, gained no traction whatsoever. If it weren't for the Ouya, the GameStick might be seen as the biggest failed Kickstarter console ever, but it doesn't even have that to its name. Instead, it and PlayJam are both forgotten. Why? Let's find out!