I came off of Reddit today.

I’ve only been on Reddit about 18 months, or as long as I’ve forsaken Facebook for being toxic. I’ve seen the destruction of the site in real time. All of the other COVID subs have been astroturfed into oblivion by Chinese bots. If you share anything positive or optimistic about the pandemic, they ban your account now, and they recommend subs run by the bots. r/coronavirus, r/covid19 and r/preppers are now entirely filled with anti-Western doomer porn. Any subreddit caught being informative or practical in any way gets shut down. r/WuhanFlu, which they quaranti…  See More


Reddit and Americans

Everything posted to Reddit that is about the Chinese government gets deleted. But anything posted that is anti-Trump stays up. Reddit has this thing called “ U.S.A bad Europe good” anti-American memes and post are posted to Reddit every day and the mods don’t delete them I once made a joke about Europeans on a subreddit called r/MurderedByWords, r/MurderedByWords is also full of anti-American post but if you say ANYTHING bad about Europe the mods delete it. You can say anything you want about the U.S but as soon as you make an anti-Europe joke, your post gets delet…  See More