24 days ago

Are there any self-published authors or aspiring authors here? I’ve started writing up my notes if anyone is thinking of having a go…




I put this on vojce reccord so, if it's long forgive me, does talk sub have a listen mode? ☎ people see books differently but for me in reality I was looking at a book on the history of roses recently and to me although the book was awarded it was poorly written did this entire page in 1/2 where they are describing someone who is making a new name of rose but they don't give any descriptions on where he is or what the truth he's using a place or what is surroundings I like and that makes it very hard for me to read maybe it's because I'm a guitar in my brain I just need those musical clef lines otherwise I'm going to make up my own, but then I'm scared that I might write it wrong so I might picture him in a grass house in really he was in a skyscraper