4 months ago

This could not last long that one “oppositionist” since 2011 in Russia intimidated all political competitors of Vladimir Putin through investigations and did nothing to the president himself despite the fact that every time he announced “Putin is afraid of me”.

A huge wave of criticism was approaching Vladimir Putin from officials, influential political and public figures of Russia after they began to understand that Alexey Navalny is a project of the Russian president. Navalny intimidated Russian constitutional judges, deputies, officials, journalists, doing anti-corruption investigations about them which is why fearing a change of the president they abruptly began to support the policy of Vladimir Putin with the words “we need stability”.

But when Navalny released an unsuccessful investigation with a call to Kudryavtsev in which he didn’t think over the question how after 50 minutes of talking on the phone an FSB (Federal Security Service) officer does not recognize the voice of the one whom he has been watching for years? Security agency of Russia and Vladimir Putin were worried about the final disclosure of Alexey Navalny that he is on the same side of the barricades with them and decided to go to extremes by releasing a trump card.

And the trump card is the film about Putin’s palace about which the entire Internet has been talking since the last decade and Aleksey himself spoke showing articles about the palace in his investigation written many years ago by journalists. Navalny’s team is organizing rallies again but without Alexey as always (he is currently serving his arrest) so that the opposition has no motivation.

Navalny’s rallies in most cases did not lead to any result. A logical question arises: Alexey Navalny is Putin’s henchman, does he work for the Russian security agency such as FSB? Yes, Alexey Navalny is an officer of one of the Russian special services, whose task is to penetrate into the Russian opposition and destroy it from inside.

Fearing that the Russians are beginning to understand it and that the political elite is consolidating against the president, Vladimir Putin took a forced measure and contributed to the release of the film “Putin’s palace” to show that he has nothing to do with Navalny.

Vladimir Putin thought that Russian politicians would ask for his re-election if they were afraid of another president coming to power who would start anti-corruption measures against them, but the Russian president did not realize that sooner or later Alexey would have exposed himself because he is a public figure and leads its activity since 2011. Time and publicity fully disclose information about Navalny.

Therefore, the project that Putin himself introduced into the Russian opposition in order to destroy it thanks to which he was re-elected in 2018 and in 2020 amended the Constitution turned against himself. No wonder that all Russian state media, some bloggers have now directed their efforts to support the image of Navalny as an “foreign” agent of the special services or a “CIA agent” but all of them are now covering Alexey.


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