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10 Best Indie Games at PAX Online 2020 | TE

PAX Online has come and almost gone, featuring dozens of fantastic indie games and playable demos. So I sat played every single one in one go, and came away with 10 favorites.


How to Build your Own Real-time Chat App like WhatsApp?

As we are very much enlightened of the chat app like Whatsapp surging into popularity. It is found that most of the people prefer to develop a chat app offering real-time interaction which adds a personal touch experience to the user. Now, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to business in developing yet another stupendous chat app like WhatsApp

Alex Sam

Worlds Leading Video Calling Solution Providers

Are you searching the best video call app? Make use of top notch video chat SDK and API providers suitable for the mobile. This is capable for website to make enterprise business operating on the video chat call app for your desires. Make use of video conference SDK to make perfect enrollment in firm.


How To Build A Successful Consultation App? [Complete Guide 2020]

MirrorFly, an enterprise chat solution with customizable in-app chat functionalities and communication mediums such as text, video and voice chat. The enterprise chat solution is armed customizable API and SDKs to integrate chat into your consultation apps and redefine the communication between the users and consultants.


Rad Venture is A Great Game in the Making | TE

Rad Venture is a 3D platformer currently in development by Knick-Knack Games, a team of recently graduated college students. A new demo just came out for SAGE 20, which gives us an early look at the final product.


Glitched Might Be The Next Undertale! | TE

Glitched is a fantastic indie RPG very reminiscent of Undertale. Funded on Kickstarter in August 2016 for over $68,000, a demo for Glitched hit last week. Having played it for a couple of hours, I'm already convinced this is the best game I've played so far this year.


Mega Man Legends is Back in New Fan Game | TE

Indie Games You Missed is back with a new format, today looking at Delta Gal. This exciting indie game demo is a fan game of Mega Man Legends, and is every bit as good as its inspirations!


Umurangi Generation Review - Beauty and Destruction | TE

Umurangi Generation is a beautiful game, full of contradictions from an artist with a lot to say. In this review, I go over why Umurangi Generation might be the best indie game of 2020.


US threatens to restrict WeChat following TikTok backlash – TechCrunch

What are your thoughts?


A list of browsers and how I rate them.

A browser is an application used to temporarily download and render webpages. The most common are Chrome and Firefox. Browsers are sometimes confused with search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo…), which are used to find websites based on a word or phrase. I used to use Chrome, but there were a few issues with it that started to annoy me, so I started trying out other browsers. I’ve ended up compiling a list of a bunch of modern browsers. Here’s a list of how they compare. (Safari is not on this list because it’s only available for Mac.)…  See More


5 Indie Games You Missed [July 2020] | TE

Triple Eye is back, with a look at the five best and most interesting indie games you missed from July 2020.